Are you looking to add more romance and erotic essence to your bedroom?
At CafeAstrology Relationship by cafeastro is a fun and informative article posted under “Romance and Sexuality” on ways to add romance to your bedroom.

Hope you enjoy all the feng shui and sensual tips to add to your bedroom oasis!

“Feng shui is all about enhancing the environment around you to create a positive flow of energy. By taking into account colors, compass directions, natural elements and proper placement of furniture and other items in a room, feng shui techniques can alter what occurs in the rest of your life.”

“With feng shui, romance begins in the yin (feminine) vibration of your room. Yang (male) energy should be kept to a minimum in the bedroom. Excite the chi (life-force) in the room by creating a romantic and passionate atmosphere.”

Here are 15 ways feng shui elements can be used in your bedroom to enhance love and passion in your romantic and restful retreat.

• Feng shui expert Nancilee Wydra suggests starting seduction at the door with a sensual scent. A spicy scent like cinnamon apple is sexy and uplifting. My personal favorite is a custom blend of apple cinnamon and vanilla.
• Invoke the passionate fire element by using candles, oil lamps (or on a cool evening a roaring fire if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom).
• Feng shui places a lot of emphasis on color selection and use. Warm colors such as browns, beiges, earthy reds, rosy pinks, subtle oranges and warm yellows are best for the bedroom. Red is the color of love and passion and is best for sexual energy while yellow symbolizes communication.
• Have furniture and objects in your room with soft feminine curves. Avoid pointy male objects. Think of round pillows, hearts, and an oval ottoman anything with natural curves instead of harsh lines.
• In feng shui the location of the bed is a very big deal. You should be able to see the door from the bed but not be directly in front of it. Your head should not be towards the door. The headboard should be firmly against a wall not a window. There should be nothing under your bed so chi can flow freely around it. You should not be able to view your bathroom from your bed. If you bed is on the same wall as a door this can cause disagreements between a couple.
• Arrange everything in pairs to symbolize a union- two candles, two paintings, or two sculptures.
• If you are in a relationship have photos of you and your lover around the room. If you are married a wedding photo of just the two of you would be perfect. Other great photos would be of the two of you on vacation or any photo of the two of you that depicts happiness as a couple.
• Enhance the passionate energy in your room with objects and paintings in shades of red, pink and garnet.
• To preserve sexual receptivity place a ruby or garnet on each nightstand. These stones are very powerful in attracting the opposite sex.
• Feng shui principles suggest placing a red object on the woman’s nightstand to increase eroticism in the female partner.
• A piece of copper should be placed on the male’s night stand. Copper represents the male essence and enhances male eroticism. You could use a tiny jar of copper scraps or any object made of copper.
• In the right hand corner of the bedroom (from the entrance) create a love shrine. This area should be dedicated to symbols that remind you of romance and passion. These symbols will activate the energy of love. You could use erotic art, a sculpture of two lovers, a heart shaped object, two hearts intertwined, crystal prisms or a mobile. Place items there that would be meaningful to both partners in the relationship.
• Incorporate natural materials in your room such as fur, leather and wool. For your bedding you should use natural cotton or silk. Avoid synthetics like polyester.
• Feng shui expert Ellen Whitehurst suggests intertwining two 27 inch red cords and hanging them inside your bedroom on the doorknob to bind love energies to you.
• There is no place more perfect for sensual art than in the bedroom. Nothing is more suggestive than piece of attractive erotic art hung over the bed. Erotic paintings and sculptures can be put throughout the bedroom to supercharge sexual energy.

“By incorporating the elements of feng shui into your bedroom you not only alter the way your room looks but you can also alter the experiences you have there.”

Wow, that is alot of information to squeeze into one bedroom.  Scents, candles, textures, and pillows to add soft curves are a very good start.  I say pick the things that make sense for your particular bedroom and what you are comfortable with.

Remember going out of your comfort zone can really help spice it up too.  Make it your sensual oasis!