Our Story

Thank you for visiting Spoil Me in Rhinestones!

When this business was started back in 2008,  I was newly married and wanted to start something that would allow me to work from home and plan for the future as a stay at home mom.  Before starting this business, I had spent over 15 years in the fashion industry and had the pleasure of managing stores for a multi-million dollar  fashion company. The daily ins and outs of the business and assisting women with personal fashion needs, helped give me crucial experience to launch my own business and thus understanding how to ensure a proper fit for a women’s individual shape. I wanted to offer something that was unique and make a woman look glamorous and feel like a Goddess. Things that sparkle and shine have always been of interest to me and when I discovered rhinestone lingerie I knew this was it. How can you not feel extra luxurious with a sparkling rhinestone body adornment?!

Over the years Spoil Me in Rhinestones has expanded it’s collection of lingerie and specializes in exotic rhinestone lingerie, hence the name ‘Spoil Me in Rhinestones’.  You can find something incredibly sexy or modest and sweet;  the perfect show off for that special someone. A gift that is sure to please, In fact, even a bride to be would love the exotic feel of rhinestone lingerie!

Handmade Designs - Wonder why we do not stock crazy amounts of pieces per style? First of all, Many of our styles are handmade with care which makes each piece extra special. We are not looking to mass produce these designs, you can know you are getting something unique made with care and high quality materials.

If you enjoy things that shimmer and sparkle,  you will not be surprised to learn that Spoil Me in Rhinestones was created to give different ways to express that glam for the world to see….or in private.  I hope that exploring all of what Spoil Me in Rhinestones  has to offer is an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Much Love,

Marcyne Wheaton